Research Projects


Smart e-Textile or Fabrics

Deposition of Conductor, Semiconductor and Insulator on Single Fiber

Wearable Computing Devices such as Sensors, Organic Solar Cell and Supercapacitor

Physical Sensors such as Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, UV, etc

Chemical Sensors such as pH, Glucose, DO, etc

Resistive Bio Sensors

Energy Devises such as Nano Generator, Solar Cell, Supercapacitor

Hybrid TFT Devices

Smart Seat Skin for Advanced Electric Vehicle

• Hydrogen Energy

Development and Demonstration of 100 MPa Class Connection Parts (Fitting, Tube) Technology for Hydrogen Charging Stations

Middle Market Enterprise Specialized Human Resources Development for Residential and Commercial Fuel Cell

Quantum Dot Display and Devices

Synthesis of Post-InP Quantum Dot and Quantum Dot Ink with Wide Color Gamut, and Development of Quantum Dot Printing Process

EL Device by Quantum Dot

Ink Jet Printing

uLLA (Micro Leaner Array LED) Light Source for HFD (Hands Free Display) of Future Soldiers System

LED device with Multiple Quantum Well Structure

GaN / InGaN


Smart e-Goggle

Smart e-Goggle with Tunable LC Lens

Smart e-Goggle for Experts Training

Autoshading e-Goggle

3D Active Shutter for 3D TV

TN (Twisted Nematic) & PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal)

Chemically Strengthened Glass

Chemically Strengthened Glass for Display or Building

• Dental Materials

Zirconia Teeth with Dental Esthetics like Natural Tooth

Dental Furnace Implemented with Objective Esthetics of Standard Artificial Teeth


Synthesis Liquid Powder & Panel Fabrication

Sidewalk Block

Walking Blocks with Photocatalytic  Function