Welcome to Flexible Display & Printed Electronics Laboratory at Dongguk University

FDPE Lab takes considerable pride in its status in Dongguk University of century-long history, located at Seoul Campus, Korea. FDPE Lab as an essential part in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, plays a vital important role in the development of Engineering in Dongguk University. Although FDPE Lab was founded a few years ago, it can provide you with best facilities and experienced professors and students for your research and study in Dongguk University. We highly recommend you join FDPE Lab and fulfill your research and career goals. If you are interested in FDPE Lab or you have any questions about FDPE Lab, please feel free to contact us.

Research Interests and Fields

Flexible Display and Devices

  • Panel and Module : Flexible LCD, Flexible OLED, LP(Liquid Powder) e-Paper, e-Textile and so on
  • TFT : ULTPS(Ultra Low Temperature Poly-Si), Solution Processed TFT, Printed TFT, OTFT, Solution Processed OTFT (TIPS Pentacene), Oxide TFT, Solution Processed Oxide TFT (GIZO, ZTO etc), TFT on Fibler
  • Material : Plastic Substrate and Gas Barrier Technology, ITO on Plastic Substrate, Bending Test, Quantum Dot & Quantum Confined Device and Materials

Printed Electronics

  • Device : Printed TFT Device, Printed Device for Display, Solution Processed OTFT (TIPS Pentacene), Organic Electronics and Disposal Electronics, Stretchable Electronic Devices, TFT and Cylindrical Capacitor on Fiber
  • Material : Synthesis of Electronic Ink (ITO, Quantum Dot, Ag and so on) Materials, Synthesis of Inorganic and Organic Nano Powder (ITO, Ag, Ni, Y2O3:Eu, PMMA etc), Synthesis of Liquid Powder, Quantum Dot Materials and Devices
  • Process : Low Temperature Process and Printing Process such as Ink Jet Printing, Gravure Printing, nano Imprint, Off-set Printing, Roll-to-Roll Process

Flat Panel Display and Device and Materials for IT Technology

  • Flat Panel Display : Components and Materials for TFT-LCD and AMOLED, Back Light Unit, Touch Screen
  • Liquid Crystal Applications : TN LC or PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) Active Shutter, Autoshading & Autofocussing Glasses
  • Solid State Illumination : LED and OLED Illumination, Flexible OLED Illumination
  • Solar Cell : Inorganic (Si, CIGS) Thin Film and Flexible Solar Cell, Flexible Solar Cell
  • Flexible Electronic Devices : Flexible RFID and so on